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Hope, Light & Inspiration for 2021!

We are nearing the end of 2020 (Yay)! Many of us can’t wait for this challenging year to end. Having said that we, our families and friends, communities, nation and the world have experienced seismic shifts in our ways of living, working, playing, communicating, shopping, eating, exercising, celebrating, grieving, and being with our family, friends and loved ones.

Never in my lifetime, or in any of my significant others’ lifetimes has there been an experience that has had such an impact on our way of life. And for many, their experience was catastrophic. I am one of the lucky ones.

I’m not a Pollyanna by any stretch of the imagination, but I do believe that it is important to examine the year as it ends and look for the good things, accept the not-so-good things, take actions towards helping others by donating some time and money to charities and organizations that reflect our important values, release the bad things, and find it within to embrace hope for a better tomorrow. I recently attended a class where a differentiation was made between ‘hope’ and ‘optimism’. Optimism was defined as a passive state whereas hope is based upon action. This might be semantics, but in order to take action, there needs to be an idea that precedes any planned step.

Western society and culture has always favored the go-getters, and many have based success, often material success, upon:

  • making a plan

  • setting goals,

  • taking action

  • and persevering despite challenges.

Ideas, however, have to come first and you can’t create a plan without a dream, concept and inspiration. Success too, is an important quality to examine since not all material success creates a life that is filled with gratitude, joy and celebration. In addition, material success can often be elusive and ephemeral. Whereas ‘true’ success can often be immaterial, intangible and its quality measured by an internal barometer and GPS.

Where does inspiration for an idea come from? In my opinion, it comes from inside of us. As an artist, RN, teacher and holistic energy medicine healer, I have always found my inspiration when I take the time to stop, reflect, and listen to my inner voice… to the quiet whispers of my soul and spirit.

The recent Winter Solstice (12/21) - in Latin means ‘sun' (sol) ‘standing still’ (sistere), where the Earth’s axis pauses, shifts and moves in the opposite direction! Isn’t that incredible? In addition, on the very same evening, whether you saw it or not, the amazing conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter took place. Due to my sensitivity to energy, I felt a complete shift in my gloomy mood after this occurred. Many others, including healing colleagues, felt this too. The planetary shift and change of direction of the Earth’s axis offers us metaphorical symbolism of special significance and gives us an opportunity to pause and consider this past year, our life, and the current path we are on and decide whether it is still right for us.

Now I’m not an astronomer nor an astrologer, but I was very curious about the meaning of the alignment of the two planets. Saturn has a rather heavy and closed energy. It’s symbolism stands for:

  • rules & regulations

  • rigidity

  • discipline

  • conventions

  • conformity

Jupiter’s energy is lighter and more open. It’s symbolism is a contrast and stands for:

  • growth

  • expansion

  • abundance

  • healing

  • indulgence

  • and miracles

The coming together of these two planets creates a unique synergy where the extreme energy of each planet is tempered and made better by the combination of the two together! How perfect that these events lined up at the end of a terribly difficult year! This gives us a wonderful opportunity to go within, reflect, contemplate, compose ourselves and to simply ‘be… allowing for the rising up of forgotten desires, dreams, and new profound wishes to come into our consciousness.

As an example, two of my energies have been coming together lately and I applied them in the composing of this blog because I've been reflecting upon the limitations of ‘just' being an artist alone, and I didn’t think I could be an artist as well as an energy healer, teacher, shaman and group facilitator. I still need to further reflect upon these ideas as I am a combination of many things and I have always strived to bring all parts of myself into synergistic alignment.

The inspiration for designing the Celebration in Blue and Celebration in Red glass plates was for their beauty and decorative dining purposes. It recently struck me how perfect these glass plates would be for use as candle holders!

My dream and intention is to support you in creating a Home Sanctuary!

As a lover of ceremony and rituals from my Shaman studies, using candle lighting can help you to honor and acknowledge endings and new beginnings in your life. I do this through Moon Ceremonies and for many years I have led in-person groups in this amazing transformative process. During this pause, I might contemplate Zoom Ceremonies as a future path! I shall see when I light my next candle tomorrow night on the Full Moon, which is also my Birthday, and then on the New Moon (1/13/21)! I can blow out my cake candles and ‘Give Birth’ to a new and more expansive version for my life!

According to many of the ancient traditions, the Winter’s stillness grants us sacred time to just ‘be’ with ourselves, allowing the opportunity for thoughts and feelings to come up for examination and acknowledgement. Then you can choose to keep or release what didn’t serve you. Clearing the clutter from your mind, body and spirit frees up and awakens your inner consciousness. From this space, you will be able to decide if you want to stay on the ‘axis’ you are on or tap into your soul’s yearnings, longings and dreams for a new path or side journey.

It is my hope that as you light your special candle in your home sanctuary for meditation, contemplation and creating memorable time just for you….that my Celebration Glass Art plates or any of my artwork be selected to support you in the illumination of your inner light and create a New Year where you can begin to envision your immense potential and manifest exactly the right opportunities to make your dreams come true!

In order to support your New Year Journey here is a coupon code for my Etsy Shop where creating your Home Sanctuary can begin!

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