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Mother & Child Collection

The Mother Child Collection depicts the unique bond between a mother and her baby as well as their relationship to Mother Nature. These abstract glass art pieces are created with glass stringer ‘pulled’ from a vitriograph kiln and then each strand is individually hand cut to create each image.

Mother & Child Bonding


8" x 10"

Mother & Child Smiling

Screen Shot 2020-07-03 at 3.31.45 PM.png

7.5" x 10"


Mother & Child Hugging


8" x 10"

Collections: Services
light blue plate transparant no glare 2.

Mother Child Bouncing

8" x 10"
$275 SOLD!

dark blue mother plate no glare transpar

Mother Child Gazing

8" x 10"
$275 SOLD!

The Floral Collection

The Floral Collection of kiln carved glass plates were inspired by the beauty of spring and summer using transparent colors taken from Mother Nature. Each petal, leaf and stem was individually hand carved using special fiber paper which is placed under the hand cut glass circles and the kiln’s heat carves the images into the glass.



 9.2” diameter




7.75” diameter




12.25” diameter

The Bird Collection

The Bird Collection brings images of beautiful birds to life on canvas in Mother Nature’s habitat of grasses, branches, flowers and trees. Even if you live in an noisy urban setting, these images of birds can transport you to a peaceful setting where birds chirp, warble, sip nectar, and rest. Viewing these paintings can hopefully leave you feeling free as a bird.

The Hummingbird


18" x 24”


Goldfinch on Branch


18" x 24”


The Crowned Bluebird

IMG_0303 - Bluebird.jpg

22” x 28” 

The Water Collection

The Water Collection is comprised of abstract and fused glass art pieces depicting different bodies of water, which can bring people to the ocean, lake or river no matter the season. The colors of the different bodies of water can tap into the brain allowing people to feel immersed in their own personal memories with water- bathing, dipping, swimming, diving, splashing, or floating.

Sea Side



Lake View



Ocean Blue Bubbles



The Inner Universe Collection

The Inner Universe Collection includes ceramic pieces I created that were inspired by the images from the vastness of outer space.  

Inner Universe 1

IMG_3181-Inner Universe 1.jpg

$45 SOLD!

Inner Universe 2

IMG_3206-Inner Universe 2.jpg

$30 SOLD!

Inner Universe 3

IMG_3185 - Inner Universe 3.jpg

$25 SOLD!

The Garden Collection

The Garden Collection is a series of hand-thrown and hand-painted pottery bowls that invites you to lounge in a beautiful garden on a summer’s day where you can appreciate and delight in the colors, perfumes and abundance of Mother Nature’s blooms.

Garland of Flowers


$55 SOLD!

Flowers, Hummingbird & Bee




Blue Hydrangeas

$55 SOLD!

Garden’s Delight 



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