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Mother's Day Reflections

Updated: May 3, 2021

'Young Mother Memories'

Acrylic Painting

Mother's Day might still be a Hallmark Holiday for some, while for others, it's become a Facebook or Instagram moment. But for me, its significance has been epic. My children are now young adults. My son is 26 years young - living and working in LA. My daughter is 21 years young and returned home after zooming her junior spring semester in FL. However, both are not at home this week. I know they will wish me a Happy Mother's Day with a phone call and a digital card with cute emoji's.

I awakened in the early morning hours thinking about all the Mother's Day celebrations from the past. I remember with poignancy my life as a young mother, which was a focus I had this last year, when creating my Mother-Infant glass series, as well as the acrylic painting above, called 'Young Mother Memories'. Being a mother filled me with joy, awe and gratitude for having the blessing of bringing life into the world. When I walk down Memory Lane, as I have been the past couple of days, these precious times are ones that I deeply treasure.

I am sitting in my art studio and in a reflective mood. I'm looking at my life and all the roles that I have embraced, created, and scripted. I thought it might be a wonderful exercise to consider how I would like to be remembered by my children.

Legacy is a powerful word and it comes to mind as Mother's Day draws near. It's also a pertinent idea since I've reached that mid-point of my life. I chuckle, as I realize that the mid-point of my life changes with each decade! If this is appealing to you, as it is grabbing my attention, then you might take a moment or two, and consider the lessons life taught you through your 'mistakes'.

Our autobiography is made up of an enriching history which include family myths, dramas, as well as the myriad of choices and decisions we make throughout our life. Hopefully as we 'grow up', we become wiser and more self-aware. Maybe, like me, you began to notice some patterns in your thought processes or behavior that have given you results that you may not have liked, or fell slightly short of what you had envisioned. Intellectually, I have understood for a while that these 'mistakes' are actually opportunities to learn, what might be challenging, but important lessons that can elevate our consciousness. This self-awareness of who we really are or who we want to be, can influence the legacy we would like to leave those we love, especially our children. I do believe that it is never too late to make changes.

Here is the legacy that I hope to leave my children:

  • Give and receive love, respect and acceptance to others, even if you do not agree with their beliefs or choices. This includes healthy boundary setting if people try to impose their beliefs upon you.

  • Trust your innate wisdom, inner voice and knowing, as I have been shown time and again, that you are your best authority on your life.

  • Live your life fully with great appreciation for each moment. This was the legacy that my mother gave to me! Life is a blessing and a gift! Thank you Mom!

  • Appreciate Mother Nature, and all of G-d's creatures. Respect the Earth and develop reverence for the sunlight, starlight, the rainbows, all the seasons, as well as the infinite abundance of what we receive from Mother Earth. Be a steward for the Earth. It is what we bequeath to our children and their children.

  • Believe in yourself, your strengths, your gifts. When you hear the call to travel on your mythic journey, whatever that might be, you can call upon the archetype of Hummingbird!


Acrylic Painting

Here is what I want my children to know about the Hummingbird archetype. Hummingbird has always been an influence on me, but as of late with much work and reflection, the resonance is much deeper because I have finally come to a place of deep trust and alignment.

1-Hummingbird not only seeks out the sweetness of the nectar, but its small body can travel great distances.

2-Hummingbird hears the call of the soul, and doesn't second guess, worry about what to pack, whether they have what it takes, or whether they will be accepted.

3-Hummingbird simply trusts that all will be well and it will all turn out as it is meant to...and as you have envisioned it!

I would love to hear your comments. I hope this piece gives you pause to also consider what you hope your legacy will be for your children, no matter their age. It is never to late to create that legacy!

Happy Mother's Day to Mothers everywhere! Here are my wishes for you:

May you remember your mother, your grandmother, and who you were and are as a mother! The maternal role comes into play in so many ways: as a teacher, a nurse, a pastor or clergy, a healer, or just about any person who wants to be of service, including being a kind and generous friend. May you receive love, accolades, and nourishment for who you are in your life! May you give yourself the love that you generously give to others and rejoice in the life that you create.

'Mother & Child Smiling'

Mother-Child Glass Art Collection

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1 Comment

Myra Oney
Myra Oney
May 04, 2021

Beautiful, Amy. I love how you weave your thoughts and words with your lovely art work. Happy Mother's Day.

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