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Commissioned Through Etsy!

Nothing delights any artist more then to receive inquiries from third parties about their art work. I had just opened my Etsy Shop and was surprised and really delighted to receive a message through Etsy from a couple living in NYC expressing an interest in my offering them a private showing and a studio tour. We arranged for them to visit- maintaining safe social distancing/mask wearing- and it was a delightful experience for all. I set up a variety of glass art and pottery pieces, as well as a few paintings, on my outdoor patio dining table. While they purchased a number of pottery pieces, this was the piece that the wife of the couple had seen on a visit to my website 'Collections Page'. Click link to view full 'Mother Child' collection, as well as other collections:

They were hoping to purchase the cobalt 'Mother Child' glass art as she was near her delivery date for their second baby and was hoping to place it on a shelf on a wall in the baby's nursery. While this piece had already been sold, and I had other 'Mother Child' glass art pieces in a variety of colors, her heart was set on the cobalt. They asked if they could commission another 'Mother Child' glass piece in cobalt, with the understanding that each piece is unique. I was very happy to comply!

I am equally thrilled to have the opportunity to offer commissions for art work at Amy Reissner Art! For those interested in commissioned art, you may contact me here:

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