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Awaken Our Inner Artist With Photography

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Adding creativity to our life can be as simple as taking a walk outside. Observing the wonders of Mother Nature reminds us that we can enjoy ourselves even in the midst of challenges. It might be surprising that the simple choice of being outside can totally change our outlook.

We almost always have our phones with us and when our intention is to awaken our inner artist, it gives us the opportunity to take a broad, and close-up, look at the world around us by snapping pictures. We don’t have to be professional photographers. It starts with looking, and seeing, with the eye of an artist and then finding scenes that are captivating, unusual, endearing, interesting or beautiful and snapping the pictures: easy and fun. It also allows extra creative license to play with the editing feature on the phone after choosing our favorite nature snaps - one edit can change and enhance our photos. This is creating art.

Depending upon where we are, country or city, we can taking the following types of photos:

  1. budding trees

  2. bulbs coming up through the earth’s soil

  3. birds settling on a tree branch or flying overhead

  4. clouds against the backdrop of a blue or cloudy sky

  5. ponds, streams or lakes

  6. mountain-scapes with wild flowers swaying in the breeze

  7. a city skyline

  8. interesting people or community scenes

Being outside in nature reminds us that there is life all around us. It allows us to cultivate mindfulness and tune into the natural beauty which awakens our artist’s eye.

Creating art by taking photos of things we love gives us the potential to transform our day-to-day experience of life, not only during this current episode but beyond. When we shift our perspective and lean into new discoveries with curiosity and wonder, life brings us ample opportunities to experience life as art.

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