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Awaken Our Inner Artist With Movement

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

Movement gives us the opportunity to tune into our bodies and creates mindful awareness that we are here and alive right now despite the necessity of sheltering in place. As famous dance choreographer Martha Graham said, “All that is important in this one moment is movement”.

The way we choose to move our bodies can be a form of art in motion and is a catalyst for change and flow. Positive psychology defines flow as "something that happens when we become totally absorbed in whatever we are doing in the present moment.” What this means is that our whole being is involved, time ceases to exist and concerns and limitations fade into the background.

Physical movement that is enjoyable is one of the ways we can create artistic flow in our day-to-day experience. Adding movement to our lives is uplifting and we get to choose what ‘moves’ us.

The desire and decision to live life as an artist can inspire us to move our bodies with conscious appreciation. It isn’t important what we do or how we do it. Physical movement can happen spontaneously by dancing in the kitchen to our favorite song, taking a walk while being open to nature’s abundance or finding a good video that makes us want to move.

When we trust the inner artist to find self-expression through the instinctive movement of the body (which is art), we allow ourselves to celebrate the wonders of life in any given moment.

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