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Are You Dreaming of a Thanksgiving Meal?

I’m dreaming of creating a Thanksgiving Feast for my family! How about you?

Since the leaves started turning, I’ve been reviewing my best recipes for sweet potato pie, butternut squash soup, fresh cranberries with orange zest, sliced turkey with chestnut stuffing and much more!

Getting into the holiday spirit early is always a good idea. Setting a table with the glorious colors of Autumn will enhance any meal that you make for your family. Whether it’s in person or a zoom gathering, photo opportunities with a beautiful table will help you to focus upon the memories that matter most!

If you are zooming in on this table setting, you might wonder where I got my hands on these items. Well, I made them! Do you want to brighten up your mood and holiday festivities?

Head on over to my Etsy shop for a dazzling array of glass serving plates in oranges, ambers and reds; jewel-toned glass coasters w/leaf decals and engravings of branches swaying and leaf coasters in ambers, garnet and greens. If that is not enough there are pottery pieces fresh from the kiln - stoneware vases and bowls the colors of fire with hand-painted leaves just waiting to be filled with fun flowers and yummy food to enjoy!

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