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Adult Finger Painting

Finger painting is for everyone. It is a classic form of art therapy and is very relaxing. When we bring the curiosity, excitement and innocence of a child to the project it can be transformative. It’s wonderful way to let go of perfectionism if we can approach it with no expectations but to have joyful fun. Remember, there are no rules.


  1. Acrylic, tempera or craft paints, even water color sets can all be used

  2. Canvas, poster board, construction paper or anything you have around the house to make your painting on

  3. Glass or mason jar with water. Keep old rags or paper towels handy to wipe your fingers or wipe up spills or make corrections as needed

  4. Latex or latex-free gloves if desired

You can use your fingers and thumb to create ‘petals’, or different shapes. If you are using your bare hands, you can actually see the fine lines of the prints of your fingers and thumbs. You can also choose to use your fingers like paint brushes and ‘paint/draw’ the outlines of flowers, trees or your pet, and then fill in the color.

Use each of your fingers to add different colors into the middle of the palette. Explore blending different colors and see what colors you invent. You can add white to lighten a shade. I decided to finger paint the beautiful flowers from my yard.

Choose what you want to paint and which colors to use based on what brings you joy: something from nature, something or someone you love or something from your imagination. You don’t have to paint realistically, there is no right method and you can’t do this wrong. This project provides an opportunity to release self-judgement and gives you the chance to cultivate the curiosity, excitement and freedom of the beginners mind.

**For detailed finger painting instructions fill out the contact form on the home page and I will email them to you.

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