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A Jazzy Musical Chanukah!

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

This is the final day of Chanukah and tonight all the lights will be ablaze on your menorah. Have you enjoyed lighting the candles every night? Are you planning on sizzling more potato latkes in a frying pan, and getting your hands and fingers covered with powdered sugar and jam preserves from the jelly donuts for one last time? I gave up trying to make potato latkes from scratch a number of years ago! Family and friends tell me I'm a great cook and I especially enjoy preparing food for all the holidays! But the two things I just can’t do well are latkes and matzah balls! Even though my family had good intentions to make potato latkes from scratch this year, we ended up using the mix. But we still have today! I'm going to leave out the potatoes in a large bowl on the kitchen counter, as a hint - and perhaps add a note. Maybe today there will be a miracle in the kitchen!

I’m reminiscing about all the special Chanukah holidays from when I was a young mother. Playing dreidel with my husband and children was so much fun. I remember their eyes would light up with every spin of the dreidel and how much we enjoyed eating the chocolate gelt! Gelt with no guilt!

My brother-in-law has sung the Moaz Tsur for us every year since my children were little. We have always enjoyed his rendition! He sings it with great enthusiasm amid much laughter from our families!

Speaking of holiday music, I’ve got a new fun musical video to share with all of you!

Get ready to snap your fingers, shake your shoulders and sway your hips as you view my new Music Video showcasing my new art and holiday art sale to JAZZY KLEZMER music!

It’s a fun way for you to

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Watch & listen to my NEW MUSIC VIDEO below!

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