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Amy's Art Give-away

I want to reward those of you who have supported me on Facebook, Instagram and my Etsy Shop page with purchases, likes, follows, and referrals.


Announcing my first Appreciation Contest! The winner will receive an original glass art piece.


This plate can be used in a variety of ways. I like using this with a candle to create a sacred space in my home.

Contest Prize.jpeg

Here are the contest details:

  • It begins on October 1st and ends on October 30th. The winner will be announced by the end of October.

  • Register here to enter. (create a sign-up)

  • For those who sign up, we will track these much appreciated, supportive actions.

  • You will get a point for each Facebook Follow and/or Like and each Instagram Follow and Follow referral (we'll track through your friends' comments).



  • If you haven't LIKED or FOLLOWED my page yet, do that first.

  • Then, at the top right of the page, click the 3 dots (under Shop Now).

  • Select Invite Friends and choose from your list of friends.

  • You will get a point for each friend who Likes or Follows the page



  • If you haven't FOLLOWED me yet, do that first. (click blue Follow button)

  • Encourage your friends to follow me on Instagram by sending them your favorite IG post of my artwork.

    1. Click on the IG post

    2. Click on the arrow at the bottom left of the displayed post

    3. Choose Share to Direct and choose your friends on Instagram.

    4. Copy and paste this message (or some version of it): I love this person’s art work! Would love you to follow and share! I’m in a contest to win a free piece of art! Please comment that I sent you!

Thanks for registering!

Terms and Conditions:

Your name is only being added to a list for monitoring this contest. If you'd like to subscribe to our newsletter, you may do so on the Contact page (under About menu).

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