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The Artist’s Inspiration- Does This Matter to the Viewer?

Artists have the ability to change people's moods, thoughts and emotions in the journey we call life. We are often told to create our art and leave the interpretation to the viewer. As an artist I am inspired by so much in the world around me. At the same time, I have always found it quite interesting to learn about other artists' inspiration and vision for creating their art work. Do other art enthusiasts enjoy this? Or does this interfere with how a piece of art touches the viewer's own heart and emotions? I've always been involved in writing, and published a number of my blog articles in various holistic health e-zines when I was an RN and had a practice in the field of healing. My genre was both memoir and inspirational writing which focused upon life cycle events that affected women, who were my client base. Now that my work is that of an artist, who makes glass art, pottery and paintings, I am told to simply make art and leave the description or inspiration for the piece out of the equation. 

I am very curious about this and would love to hear comments about what people think.

Does the artist's inspiration for their work matter to the viewer?

Would understanding the artist better regarding their artwork add to the viewer's experience in gaining the artist's perspective?

Would that add to your experience?


Do you simply prefer to look at the art work and create your own interpretation and experience? 

Please share and leave your comments below. I would so love to know your opinion on this!

'Sunflowers and Grey Barn' - acrylic painting created from a photograph taken in Canadian countryside.

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